Top 5 High-Paying Job In Blockchain Technology 2023

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The world has changed since Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. The underlying infrastructure supporting the success of cryptography is based on blockchain technology, although the concept itself is unique.

What is blockchain

An online registry in which transactions are stored as blocks is called a blockchain. It provides the highest security, transparency and immutability. Blockchain was one of the first components of a decentralized money network.

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly valuable thanks to new research and experiments. Thus, blockchains have spread to various domains along with cryptocurrencies. With the help of blockchain, a revolution is taking place in education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, supply chain, banking, finance and many other areas. The growth of blockchains has opened the door to employment opportunities. Millennials view blockchain technology as an opportunity for growth and income generation. Below you will find the 5 most popular blockchain-related jobs that are likely to become more popular in 2022.

The 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Blockchain Industry

1.Blockchain Development

A career as a blockchain developer is the best choice for tech-savvy people who want to make a career in the blockchain industry. Other non-financial applications that have benefited from blockchain technology include education, transportation, and healthcare. As a result, a more robust DLT ecosystem was required.

The term blockchain developer refers to a programmer who creates blockchain applications. Blockchain developers create codes, establish security protocols, and design infrastructure. In general, there are two types of blockchain developers: developers of key blockchains and developers of software blockchains.

2.Blockchain Architect

Professionals in this field are experts in the distribution, development and integration of many parts of the ecosystem. The tasks of the blockchain architect are diverse. To work on a project, they also need to work closely with UX developers, IT specialists, and system administrators.

Blockchain architects must keep up with the latest advances in technology. Web3, Metaverse, NFT and other technologies are developing rapidly. They can benefit from learning in metaverse or Web3. Developers should be familiar with DevOps, cryptography, and data science, as well as CSS, HTML, Python, and Node. As a rule, blockchain architects earn from $114,803 a year, which makes them a popular choice of profession.

3.project manager

Blockchain project managers serve as a link between business structures and blockchain professionals. In addition, managers must explain the company’s requirements to blockchain experts. In order to convey the technical requirements of the blockchain team to the company’s stakeholders, they must simplify them.

Blockchain terminology and project management skills are critical to success on the ground. Since they connect the two parts, they need good communication skills. A non-technical department has difficulty understanding the job requirements due to misunderstandings. Blockchain product managers earn an average of $106,175 per year.

4.UX Developer

UX designers are another career option. Blockchain fans need a reliable, professionally designed interface. Their duty is to create convenient, exciting and innovative solutions. UX developers should focus on providing users with a seamless interface that simplifies their lives. Blockchain UX developers can also focus on Web3 and Metaverse technology when developing interfaces. The developed projects should work with blockchains and metaverse wallets.

An excellent understanding of blockchain technology is crucial for UX designers. UX developers also need good communication skills to work with other departments. The average salary of a blockchain UX developer is $107,500.

5.Blockchain Quality Engineer

This area requires professionals to ensure the quality of the blockchain. Quality managers conduct manual testing, automation modules, dashboards and much more. To avoid mistakes, they should run tests for all newly developed projects. Inform the relevant department about the problems in the report. As a result, the final product does not contain any problems.

A blockchain quality engineer should have a deep understanding of blockchain technology. A good communicator, analytical thinker and problem solver are crucial. Experts in this field can earn from $108

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